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A Right Royal Profit

This post looks at the summer wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  At the time many criticised the cost of such a lavish wedding in the face of economic austerity.  Here is Omega‘s take on it.

Shopping – the Revolution is Coming!

In recent years how we do our shopping has been almost totally reinvented.  In this article Omega looks at the future application of existing technologies and what it means to the consumer.  This is more than an article about online shopping and covers concepts such as ubiquitous computing – otherwise known as the Internet of Things.

Poland, Independence and the National Psyche

The national psyche of a country can affect the individual personalities of its nationals for better or worse.  This article discusses, using the example of Poland, how this can be the case and what we can learn about ourselves.  Furthermore if we are aware of such issues we can pro-actively seek to overcome them and be better than our history on both a personal and a national level.

The Financial Crisis – 10 Years On

10 years after the virtual meltdown of the world financial system Omega revisits the crisis with the benefit of hindsight and looks at the fundamentals of what went wrong and suggests a more robust way in which such a crisis could be avoided in the future – simply by a return to basics and the implementation of best practices.

Retail Banking – Why they don’t want your money!

Following on from the previous article about the financial crisis this article explores the immoral principles that define much of the banking sector and examines the real reasons why they offer such little return on client savings.  It discusses how the banks do not really care about their clients and are only interested in lining their own pockets.

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