Omega Support Services (established in 2012) are committed to delivering high quality solutions to its clients and work in three main fields, the provision of both general and business English Language Services (primarily Language Training, proof reading and consultancy) for foreign non-native clients, technological solutions (including an innovative and inexpensive Web Design Studio) and Soft Skills and Communicative Skills training for both native speakers of English and non-natives.

Our personnel have 20 years of experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in the UK, Albania, Kosovo and Poland and have worked with international learners not only from Europe, but also from Africa and the Middle and Far East.

Omega recognises that the 21st century learner requires a greater deal more flexibility with the changing world and working patterns, and have embraced new technologies to help develop a student’s abilities. Omega therefore is committed to providing both effective language and technical solutions in a high tech world where the traditional classroom seems to have been consigned to the history books. The 21st Century classroom is where the learner is, at home, at work or quite simply anywhere an internet connection can be made. Paradoxically this makes the 21st century classroom both the entire world and a learner’s personal space which is no longer confined to a timetable.

Since we started we have built up a wide portfolio of clients and are well recognised within the business community.  Clients include:

Adidas/Reebok, Amplico Metlife, Bank Pocztowy (Poland), Deloitte, Ewopharma, Metlife, Nationale Nederland, PwC, RBS, Sanofi, T-Moblie

At Omega we are driven by our values and a great sense of what is right.  This means focusing on deliverables for clients and ensuring satisfaction by monitoring not only the quality of what we do, but also our timeliness.  Our integrity demands nothing less and we match this with an open approach to communication and cooperation.  We blog quite frequently on values and if you want to find out more about our worldview we recommend reading more…

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