We appreciate your time and believe that this will mark the start of a long and fruitful relationship as we cooperate together to build your skills and/or your business.

Omega Support Services or simply Omega offers a wide range of comprehensive English-based services for both business and individual clients.  Our clients are typically non-English natives who are looking to develop both their Business Knowledge and English.  We do however offer business services to the English speaking world too.

Omega recognises that modern life is not as static as it once was.  People are always on the move, more willing to utilise technology and wanting are looking for flexibility to fit in with their lifestyles. Omega are uniquely placed on the market to offer these flexible services as we too understand this.

Omega  are responsive to your needs and offer flexible learning both with timing and fees.

We conduct meetings and provide in company training both face to face and through Skype, and because of our Skype offer we can confidently state that we can deliver sessions any time and any place.   Omega fits to your schedule and is available at your convenience.  Fit your learning around work or other important activities.

Omega personnel bring 20 years of teaching experience to the learner of which 10 have been utilising online learning.  Since 2010 we have also focused on developing our Soft Skills training portfolio that is designed at improving communication, cognitive thinking and much more in the workplace.

Our Three Pillars:

English Language Training based on the Cambridge system, our native speakers are able to take clients from Intermediate (B1) to Proficiency (C2) with a big emphasis on practical skills such as speaking and writing as well as extensive exam preparation.  Our materials are comprehensive and work on all five key areas – namely, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Use of English (vocabulary building and grammar).  Read More →

Business Knowledge is unique element of what we offer on the market.  Our business courses include extensive materials on business methodologies such as LEAN and topic areas such as banking and economics, as well as more people focused subjects such as Customer Relationship Managment and Staff Retention and Development.

Omega draws on its own experience and wider business knowledge from recognised business leaders such as Richard Branson and Jack Welch.

A key aim of what we do is to provide Business Knowledge through English rather than Business English and our reasoning for this is quite simple.  Many schools teach both General and Business English but use standard materials that try to be an effective General English textbook and Business English textbook.  Consequently as they try to serve both needs they end up compromised and full of vocabulary heavy but impractical learning modules.  Read More →


Soft Skills Training is becoming more and more important as it defines our career paths.  Starting with communication, but going far beyond let Omega develop your learning support your self development and ultimately facilitate your career development.  Learn more about developing relationships, communicating powerfully and thinking more effectively.  Control your time rather than letting your time control you.  Let Omega help you to upskill and reach your potential.  Get more out of life and your career.  Read More → (link currently disabled  for site development reasons)

And there’s more…

Complementary Services support and underpin everything we do here at Omega.  We also provide Business Consultancy and Coaching and more direct services such as our comprehensive English language proof-reading service (open to both native speakers and non-native speaker of English) to ensure your documentation is exactly how it should be.  Copy editing services are also available.  Omega personnel are particularly specialised at checking business and academic texts..  Finally we can help get your business up and running through providing you with Admin Templates and even get your business online through our Web Design Studio.

Omega Learn

Finally we are developing Omega Learn, our resources centre, is packed with resources, tests and other resources specifically designed to help develop your skills. Find out more by visiting Learn directly

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